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A L T R O   W H I T E R O C K   C H A M E L E O N   R A N G E

Altro Whiterock Chameleon increases your design options with a fresh choice of solid colours, all with a high glass finish. From natural colours to bright, vibrant tones, the desired effect is yours to create. Altro Whiterock Chameleon is suitable for feature walls in shops and bars, as well as areas where you will enjoy the performance benefits of Altro Whiterock.

Pure Innocence
Eau de Chic
Pure Innocence 6601
Distant Thunder
Eau de Chic 6605
Taxi Cab
Ice Queen
Moulin Rouge
Sheer Glass
Ice Queen 6629
Key Lime
Moulin Rouge 6618
Sheer Glass 6609
Shocking Pink

Hawaiian Palm
Shocking Pink 6616
Ocean Deep
Night Fall 6622
Feng Shui
Juicy Lucy

Feng Shui 6617
Juicy Lucy 6620
Slip Stream

Liquorice 6612

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